‘We are not terrorists’ — Kazakhstanis oppose government corruption with nonviolent action

    Journalists Sher Kashimov and Colleen Wood shed light on the repression and manipulation of peaceful protest in Kazakhstan.

    We provide educational resources on the safe and effective use of nonviolence, with the recognition that it’s not about putting the right person in power but awakening the right kind of power in people. We advance a higher image of humankind while empowering people to explore the question: How does nonviolence work, and how can I actively contribute to a happier, more peaceful society?

    Waging Nonviolence partners with other organizations and publishes their work.

      How one California city is healing the climate from the ground up

      December 21, 2021

      Natasha Juliana of the grassroots initiative Cool Petaluma explains how her team is taking a creative approach to the challenge of climate disruption.

        How listening to diverse experiences builds power

        November 24, 2021

        Sudanese activist Mubarak Elamin and the co-founders of Solidarity 2020 and Beyond discuss the importance of learning from the grassroots.

          How draft resistance helped end the Vietnam War

          October 12, 2021

          A conversation with draft resister Robert Levering about “The Boys Who Said No!” — a new film on the people who refused to cooperate with the selective service system.

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                    Without the clarity that utopian thinking can provide, nonviolence cannot fulfill its higher capacity for societal transformation.