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Americans have long ignored Iraqis — now is the perfect time to connect with their stories

The coronavirus pandemic has made brilliant Iraqi occupation literature relatable for the first time to a wider American public living in quarantine.


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Meet the new generation of tax resisters refusing to pay for war

April 25, 2020

In an age of never-ending wars, climate change and an escalating pandemic, war tax resistance — often associated with an older demographic — is now being explored by millennials.

  • Analysis

Movements must give Biden no choice but to move left — as they’ve done with centrist Democrats in the past

April 21, 2020

Movements forced progressive change under FDR and LBJ, but failed to move Obama. To change this country they must start pressuring Biden now.

  • Analysis

The pandemic is an opportunity for major change — we need to get ready to come out charging

April 18, 2020

No one would wish for this kind of painful shake-up, but activists have been in this position before and now is the time to learn from them.