• Review

Uncovering Americans’ long history of hostility to conscription

A comprehensive new book by Vietnam War draft resister Jerry Elmer documents over a century of U.S. opposition to war and the military draft.


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  • Feature

How the far right is trying to manipulate the crisis in Gaza

November 1, 2023

White nationalists are attempting to hijack Israel’s escalating war to draw new recruits and push their antisemitic and Islamophobic narratives.

  • Analysis

How Jewish nonviolence can help guide the path forward on Israel-Palestine

October 19, 2023

As a rabbi committed to the practice of Jewish nonviolence, I know a long road of reparative action stretches before us. But it’s the only way.

  • Analysis

3 key insights for building a powerful and loving movement against oppression in Palestine-Israel 

and Nadine Bloch
October 18, 2023

In a destabilizing moment like this, we need time-tested strategies and tactics that can help guide effective action.