• Review

How to counter the growing threat of agent provocateurs

Those who want movements to fail will try to lure them into violence. A new handbook shows how to reduce that risk.


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  • Feature

Campaign to shut down New England’s last coal plant is doing ‘what must be done’ for the planet

October 26, 2021

New Hampshire’s No Coal No Gas campaign deployed kayaktivists and a garden blockade as part of its latest day of mass action aimed at closing Merrimack Station.

  • Q&A

The clash between history and today’s movements — a conversation with Rev. James Lawson

October 21, 2021

Called the “architect of the nonviolent movement in America” by John Lewis, Rev. James Lawson discusses the roots and power of nonviolence.

  • Analysis

Water protectors show that ‘another world is possible’ — through resistance and care

October 19, 2021

During a week of action with over 600 arrests, water protectors occupying the Bureau of Indian Affairs showed that caring for one another is directly connected to caring for the Earth.