• Review

New research shows the power of putting your opponent in a bind

A study of 44 dilemma actions over the last 90 years examines the many benefits of creative protests for social movements.


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  • Analysis

A Hiroshima grandmother’s plea to Americans

August 5, 2021

As the United States pushes the world closer to nuclear war, stories of atomic bomb survivors continue to urge us to resist idolatry and dismantle our nuclear weapons.

  • Feature

A global anti-Olympics movement rises to challenge the games’ darker side

August 4, 2021

From Tokyo to Los Angeles, groups are protesting to end the displacement, policing and militarization faced by cities that host the Olympic Games.

  • Feature

Global health activists say it’s time for Big Pharma to make a sacrifice

July 29, 2021

After making billions on subsidized vaccines, the access to medicines movement is calling on Biden to intervene more forcefully with pharmaceutical companies to end the pandemic.