Going beyond protest politics: the opportunity within the pandemic and our political crisis

    The pandemic is both a threat to marginalized communities and an opportunity for radical social change, if we carefully plan for it.

    War Resisters

    War Resisters is a joint page shared by War Resisters International and War Resisters League highlighting pressing antiwar topics of today. WRI is an internationalist network of antiwar groups struggling to end the root causes of war around the world. War Resisters League is an independent organization based in New York and a proud member of War Resisters International.

    Waging Nonviolence partners with other organizations and publishes their work.

      Remembering John Lewis, don’t forget his resistance to militarism

      August 12, 2020

      Missing in almost all of the elegies following his death, John Lewis’ history as a conscientious objector to war is worth honoring.

        Early opposition to the atomic bomb came from Black America

        August 7, 2020

        While the Japanese faced widespread, extreme racism during World War II, Black leftists were among the first critics of the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan.

          A revolutionary nonviolence view on US uprisings

          What we are seeing on the streets are not “peaceful” but rather nonviolent protests seeking to confront and disrupt the violence of U.S. police.

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            How Israeli companies market repression in Latin America

            February 20, 2020

            Militarization in Latin America is not new, but in recent decades, Israeli weapons, training and expertise have been key to its expansion in the region.

              Resistance in the US borderlands

              February 19, 2020

              From challenging narratives justifying violence to know-your-rights trainings and cultural actions, border communities are building a powerful movement.

                Confronting Latin America’s endless spiral of lethal violence

                February 11, 2020

                After centuries of deep social conflict, stemming from the colonial legacy, militarization is still on the rise in Latin America.

                  Why action on militarism is essential to action on climate change

                  February 7, 2020

                  The goals of the wider climate movement aren’t reachable without simultaneously dismantling the increasingly militarized power structures in our world.