How one conscientious objector refused to kill

    In his engaging new memoir, Francesco Da Vinci chronicles a young man’s principled encounters with the war system in which he refused to participate.

    War Resisters

    War Resisters is a joint page shared by War Resisters International and War Resisters League highlighting pressing antiwar topics of today. WRI is an internationalist network of antiwar groups struggling to end the root causes of war around the world. War Resisters League is an independent organization based in New York and a proud member of War Resisters International.

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      In the face of assassinations and paramilitary terror, the Zapatista struggle for sovereignty continues

      August 2, 2021

      27 years after the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, Indigenous land defenders are still fighting for justice and autonomy — even if it means risking their lives.

        Transnational solidarity with self-determination movements is more than principled — it’s a necessary strategy.

        June 24, 2021

        Police and military tactical knowledge is shared across both states and sectors, making transnational resistance a necessary strategy.

          ‘Go to your homes or we’ll kill you’ — Despite facing brutal repression, Colombians continue their historic mobilization

          June 22, 2021

          Tired of violence and living in poverty, protests sparked by a tax reform bill have morphed into calls for deep systemic change in Colombia.

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            For our families, Armenian Genocide recognition is one step towards justice

            April 22, 2021

            Formal recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Biden administration is key to stopping widespread disinformation and a step toward reparation.

              Rejecting settler logic — an Indigenous view of American borders

              March 17, 2021

              Decolonizing our view of American borders is necessary to achieving justice and ultimately healing on Turtle Island and across Abya Yala.

                The roots of revolutionary nonviolence in the United States are in the Black community

                February 15, 2021

                Collaboration between activists for independence in India and those against segregation in the United States brought revolutionary nonviolence stateside.

                  Against Obama-era amnesia — US border imperialism is a bipartisan affair

                  February 11, 2021

                  Connecting the dots between border policy and imperialism will help us strategize to end crimes against humanity.

                    The bloody road to today’s borders in South Asia — and how to move in the direction of peace

                    January 28, 2021

                    Nation-states will likely be with us for some time, but there are ways in which the damage of national borders in South Asia can be reduced.