Uncovering the roots of Barbara Deming’s revolutionary nonviolence and feminism

    Author and activist Barbara Deming’s overlooked early writings shine a light on the history of revolutionary nonviolence, as well as the process of personal transformation.

    War Resisters

    War Resisters is a joint page shared by War Resisters International and War Resisters League highlighting pressing antiwar topics of today. WRI is an internationalist network of antiwar groups struggling to end the root causes of war around the world. War Resisters League is an independent organization based in New York and a proud member of War Resisters International.

    Waging Nonviolence partners with other organizations and publishes their work.

      For our families, Armenian Genocide recognition is one step towards justice

      April 22, 2021

      Formal recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Biden administration is key to stopping widespread disinformation and a step toward reparation.

        Rejecting settler logic — an Indigenous view of American borders

        March 17, 2021

        Decolonizing our view of American borders is necessary to achieving justice and ultimately healing on Turtle Island and across Abya Yala.

          The roots of revolutionary nonviolence in the United States are in the Black community

          February 15, 2021

          Collaboration between activists for independence in India and those against segregation in the United States brought revolutionary nonviolence stateside.

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            Border surveillance technology is neither smart nor more humane

            January 25, 2021

            An invisible wall of drones and motion sensors may ease the consciences of politicians claiming to support immigration, but the cruelties of border security are far from over.

              We need to strategically eliminate fascism, not hollow calls for peace

              and Joanne Sheehan
              January 22, 2021

              Calls for unity after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol are misguided. Only by engaging in conflict through nonviolent means can we ever transform society.

                Imagining a world without policing

                December 2, 2020

                Major structural changes — such as the legalization of all drugs and an emphasis on community justice — are needed to create a police-free world.

                  Policing keeps us safe? It’s a myth. Here’s why.

                  December 1, 2020

                  When you peel back the facade, police and military perpetuate violence on a personal and professional level.

                    Let’s reclaim Armistice Day

                    November 11, 2020

                    To honor veterans we must reclaim Armistice Day and use it to consider the nightmare of war, and the immense suffering caused by our armed aggression.