Experiments with truth: 1/14/11

    • Employees at the Luxe City Center Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel in downtown Los Angeles, staged a one-day strike Thursday to protest alleged increased workloads that they said resulted in unfair disciplinary actions.
    • In Spain, four employees from the municipal services company, Elsur, spent Tuesday night in El Ejido’s San Isidro church on the first night of an indefinite protest to demand their unpaid wages.
    • Nearly half of 10,607 licensed taxi drivers in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China’s Henan province, took part in a two-day strike, which began on Monday, to protest against a new government policy that requires them to work seven days a week.
    • Yesterday, workers at France’s two biggest ports at Marseille and Le Havre held a second day of strike action out of a planned five in protest at the breakdown of government talks over changes to working conditions.
    • In India, schools in and around Madban village, where the Jaitapur nuclear power plant is coming up, remained shut for the second day on Tuesday as a mark of protest against the project.

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