Experiments with truth: 3/25/11

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      • Long Read

      Think #MeToo didn’t make a real difference? Think again

      and Paul Engler
      November 28, 2023

      It takes effort to track the impacts of mass mobilizations like #MeToo, Occupy or Black Lives Matter, but understanding social change is impossible without such work.

      • Analysis

      How incarcerated people are helping at-risk youth avoid prison

      November 22, 2023

      By sharing our lived experiences, I have seen how incarcerated people can stop the pipeline funneling troubled teens to prison.

      • Analysis

      Bayard Rustin knew that winning required a team

      November 17, 2023

      As the new ‘Rustin’ biopic shows, the great organizer of the 1963 March on Washington was always working to join more people together in the struggle for greater justice and peace.

      • Analysis

      Cease fire, not aid

      November 13, 2023