Metta Center program now accepting applications for Mentors program

    Our good friends at the Metta Center for Nonviolence in Berkeley are accepting applications for their wonderful 2011 Metta Mentors Nonviolence Immersion Program until March 18. You can download an application form on their site.

    As they explain, the program, which runs this summer from June 3 to August 12, is:

    …a 10-week mentorship (internship) program based in Berkeley, California. The program pairs students of nonviolence (mentees) with local partner organizations for practical nonviolence and social justice work, while offering regular guidance from Metta, in order to help participants 1) learn about the principles of nonviolence as a personal path, and 2) apply those principles effectively in the service of building a nonviolent culture.

    Three days a week, participants work with a local (San Francisco East Bay Area) social justice organization to be of service as an intern, to gain experience in a given field, and to address specific issues relevant to nonviolence in their work.

    Twice a week mentees come together under the guidance of the Metta Center to participate in reflective exercises, forums, and workshops that explore how to integrate nonviolence into social change work and daily life.

    In short, Metta Mentors is an immersion program in applied nonviolence.

    Who we are looking for: The Metta Mentors Program is designed to help young people with an existing interest in nonviolence to catalyze a life-shift, to cultivate a deeper focus on nonviolence, and to inspire within themselves a commitment to be nonviolent in all aspects of life. We are looking for people who want to learn and live nonviolence, to be multipliers of nonviolence — explicitly, by sharing it with others, and implicitly by exemplifying it as a way of life. If you want to live the experiment of nonviolence, to be a voice and exemplar for this way of life, we want you!

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