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    The first in a series of books by Waging Nonviolence authors is about to hit bookstores across the country — and we’ve got a limited number of advance copies available for new members, or current members who upgrade.

    You can be among the very first to receive a signed copy of associate editor Laura Gottesdiener’s forthcoming book, A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home, by joining the site between now and the release date, August 13. Become a WNV member or upgrade your membership — for as little as $5 a month.

    Emerging from a series of articles she wrote for Waging Nonviolence, the book traces the lives of four families as they weather the worst of the economic crisis and help catalyze a national movement to make housing a human right. Through interviews from leading housing experts, activist lawyers and families fighting foreclosure and eviction, the book takes a piercing look at economic and racial injustice — as well as an inspiring vision of the potential to fight back against, and re-imagine, this system. As housing activist Max Rameau, one of the co-founders of Take Back the Land, explains in the book, “We are in a transformative moment, and I think we’re going to have significant changes in the way people think about not just housing, but land itself.”

    Supplies are limited to 25 copies, so be sure to join or upgrade your membership today to receive your copy of A Dream Foreclosed!

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