Meet WNV’s new Networks Editor

One thing we’ve learned over the nearly five years that we’ve run this site — a milestone we’re getting ready to celebrate next month, by the way — is that movement coverage is a two way street. Being in touch with networks of organizers and activists is not only the best way to gather story ideas, it’s also the most efficient and effective way to distribute our content.

To help us strengthen our connections with these networks and thereby provide better coverage and amplification of people power, Waging Nonviolence has hired a networks editor. Her name is Isabelle Nastasia and she comes to us by way of Youngist, a youth-led media site that she co-founded and edits. With her extensive experience in student and community organizing, as well as journalism from a millennial perspective, she will be bringing a whole new approach to engagement and interaction with WNV‘s readers and content.

So, chat Izzy up on Twitter @wagingnv and @IzzyNastasia. Tell her about the campaigns and movements that you’re involved in or that excite you, and how Waging Nonviolence can provide strong coverage of them.