(Unsplash/Vonecia Carswell)

Beloved Community is for everyone — not just like minds

In order to envision Martin Luther King’s vision of Beloved Community, we need to think about who it includes.
(Unsplash/Vonecia Carswell)

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“Beloved Community: A society that appreciates that people possess an abundance of creativity, talent, initiative, energy, and resourcefulness to serve the greater good. A village that energizes and communicates peoples’ worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves. A place where neighbors join together to protect dignity and create peace; where we embrace one another in the fullness of life and discover the miracles of love.”
— Robert Ferrell

In this week’s quote, Robert Ferrell explores what Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of Beloved Community would look like, and we discuss who is included. Consider how Beloved Community positions itself to support global healing, and how to achieve that it must involve more than just like-minded people. In fact, Veronica says, it needs to include everyone.

After a moment of grounding, follow along for an exercise in by dissolving negative entrenched feelings, and extending Greek agape love for people you feel neutral about, and even people who feel like enemies to you. In this way, you can take the first steps toward creating a Beloved Community of your own where every person is treated with respect and love.