(Unsplash/Katrina Wright)

Repairing what’s broken in our world requires healing ourselves

To repair the human spirit, we must begin by looking to what broke it in the first place: a loss of the sacred and a life reduced to materialism.
(Unsplash/Katrina Wright)

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“We cannot have a healed society, we cannot have change, we cannot have justice, if we do not reclaim and repair the human spirit.”
— Angel Kyodo Williams

Today’s quote from Angel Kyodo Williams makes clear that repairing what’s broken in our world requires going to the foundation and healing ourselves. But how can one go about repairing the human spirit? Perhaps we need to begin by looking to what has broken the human spirit in the first place: losing the sacred — through injustice, racism, division, dehumanization and all the other ways we suffer from separateness — and living a life reduced to materialism and busyness.

From there we can seek repair through meditation and learning how to trust the inherent goodness in our own hearts. We can undo division and dehumanization by seeking true vulnerability and connection with other human beings. We seek wisdom from the earth by looking to nature and its ways, learning from its patience and flow of seasons. We can choose kindness, armed with mindfulness and presence.

For those of us feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the challenges we face, there are many options to start training ourselves to create an inner atmosphere of repair, which then helps to heal societies, bring change and foster justice.

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