Where do people find the strength to stand up to oppression?

Gandhi gives us the answer: anguish.

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“How exactly to act in particular situations is a matter of waiting on God. The answer comes straight in response to prayer from the heart. Such prayer carries with it the anguish of the soul.”
— Gandhi

As we get closer to ending a year that has been difficult for many reasons, let’s explore a Gandhi quote connecting prayer, heart, anguish, and soul. When hearing about inspirational leaders, many of us wonder: Where do people find the strength to stand up to oppression and destruction? How can they find the commitment to on such huge risks? Gandhi gives us the answer: anguish.

When injustice becomes too painful to live with, that suffering creates a force within a person. From there, prayer allows anguish to move a person into action. Even a worn-down Martin Luther King Jr. found the inspiration to “Do what you know is right.” In that way, the strength and commitment we admire in leaders doesn’t have to come from an explosive revelation, but can be found in beautiful simplicity.