An urgent message for humanity — from a worker bee

In this short animation, meet Buzz — a worker bee who explains how nonviolence needs to play a critical role in solving our climate crisis.

Climate disruption is human-caused and, while that’s hard to acknowledge for some, we can take a hopeful approach: if we caused it, we do something about it. So what’s getting in our way? Will protest be enough? Through the complex lens of Buzz, a worker bee in a hive near you, we are privy to an inside perspective and a voice rarely heard — one that offers insights from Mother Earth and her creatures on how to resolve our dilemma, and how nonviolence must play a critical role. As Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, ours is a time of “nonviolence or non-existence.” So, which will we choose?

This short animation (with artwork and animation by Anabella Meijer and Tim Witte) was created with ages 12-18 in mind to facilitate discussions around nonviolence and the challenges faced by climate disruption.

The transcript is available here.

Lesson Plan by the Metta Center

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