Revolution, not war, in Syria

What do you know about the popular revolution in Syria? According to activists Raed Fares and Razan Ghazzawi, it's far more than the gun-toting rebels depicted in Western media.

For Syrian activists like Raed Fares and Razan Ghazzawi, the notion that their country is undergoing a civil war belies the fact that one side of the struggle is a repressive dictatorship and the other has been attacked for wanting freedom and human rights. While the Western media depict the latter as primarily gun-toting rebels, the reality is that many see themselves as revolutionaries with a peaceful agenda.

Ghazzawi, for instance, is a blogger, who has been imprisoned for her writings. And Fares is renowned for leading peaceful demonstrations and producing provocative banners and political cartoons. His ability to rouse ordinary people to nonviolent action is so powerful that failed attempts have been made on his life. According to Fares, “There are a lot of nonviolence organizations working on the ground, but nobody knows about them.”

During this episode of We Are Many, Fares and Ghazzawi, who were recently on a speaking tour in the United States, discuss the ongoing war in Syria. Meanwhile, at the top of the show, Waging Nonviolence editors Eric Stoner and Laura Gottesdiener join me for conversations about the Keystone XL pipeline, activist weddings and an insane music video with Eminem calling for global revolution.

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