Frida Berrigan on the joys of parenting and activism

In this episode of We Are Many, Frida Berrigan reads excerpts from her new book and talks about the joys of parenting and activism.

For a show about people working for change, and how that work changes them in the process, it’s fitting that we have an episode about parenting — something that is undoubtedly work and leaves no person who does it unchanged. But is it possible to be an activist and a parent? After all, how much change can one person handle? Waging Nonviolence columnist Frida Berrigan has been writing about these very questions for over two years, reflecting on both her childhood, as the daughter of anti-war activists, and her experience as a new mother. Expanding upon these stories, she wrote a book that just came out called “It Runs In The Family: On Being Raised By Radicals And Growing Into Rebellious Motherhood.” In this episode of We Are Many, we join Frida at the launch party for her new book, where — back in early December at New York’s Judson Memorial Church — she read excerpts and spoke about the joys of parenting and activism. If you’d like to get a copy, Waging Nonviolence will send you one when you become a member, starting at $3 per month.

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