An Interview with The Young Lords

    Leading Young Lord Member Denise Oliver speaking at The First Spanish Methodist Church.
    Leading Young Lord Member Denise Oliver speaking at The First Spanish Methodist Church.

    August marked the 40th Anniversary of the founding of The Young Lords Party, a revolutionary Puerto Rican community organizing group that began in New York City and spread to other major cities across the country. While opposing racism, militarism and capitalism, The Young Lords fought for community control of institutions and land, freedom for political prisoners and self-determination for all Puerto Ricans. They also provided many health care services to their community and, through direct action, won many concessions from the city government.

    I recently had the chance to speak with several party members at a commemoration ceremony held in East Harlem. We discussed the importance of health care to their cause and the various direct actions used to gain their objectives.

    Interview with The Young Lords

    [Photo by Marina Ortiz]

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