Today’s the day for climate action!


    Today is the International Day of Climate Action and likely the largest day of environmental action ever. Over 5,200 events in 181 countries are planned thanks to the organizing efforts of

    With the make-or-break UN climate meeting coming up in December activists are staging demonstrations around the world to promote the number 350, which most scientists consider to be a safe level of carbon in the atmosphere (as measured in parts per million). We’re already well past that number and fast approaching 400. So it’s crucial that the big polluters of the world agree to a climate treaty that brings us back to the safety zone of 350. But the only chance of that happening is if we use mass action.

    So check out and search for actions in your area. Some parts of the world have already begun. 20,000 school children marched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday. And 350 activists in New Zealand–shown above–welcomed the rising sun this morning.

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