The rise of the global climate movement

    Indy_11_20_09I’ve got a story in latest issue of The Indypendent, fresh off the press today in fact, about the evolution of climate activism. It’s been in the works for several months and is an amalgamation of the many protests covered on this site, as well as a dozen or so interviews with leading voices like Bill McKibben, longtime organizers like Mike Roselle and even one of The Yes Men.

    I think it does a good job of explaining the differing tactics and approaches taken by climate activists around the world and how it all adds up to a fresh new global movement intent on forcing the necessary changes—both political and societal—to prevent climate change.

    Click here to read the story over at The Indy’s website. And check out some of the other great articles that make up this climate issue, such as Arun Gupta’s investigation into the perils of geo-engineering and Jessica Lee’s interview with 1999 WTO protest organizer David Solnit, who’s now putting together a massive day of direct action for the climate.

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