From Belgrade to Cairo to Columbia University

Waging Nonviolence is pleased to announce its sponsorship of an event at Columbia University tomorrow afternoon called “From Belgrade to Cairo: The Strategy and Organization of Nonviolent Revolution.” There will be several tremendously gifted speakers on hand, including Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Tina Rosenberg, former Otpor! leader and CANVAS founder Srdja Popovic, Rutgers professor Kurt Shock, and Columbia professors Jack Snyder and Alfred Stepan. The discussion will focus on the nonviolent overthrow of dictatorships from Serbia in 2000 to Egypt earlier this year with particular insight into the advantages and challenges facing such movements.

The event starts at noon and runs until 2pm at Columbia University’s Morningside Campus in Room 1501 of International Affairs Building. If you plan on coming, please RSVP here. Hope to see some of you there!