Experiments with truth: 5/23/11

    • Egyptian Christians in Cairo ended a two-week long sit-in protesting sectarian violence after the country’s military leaders promised to meet some of the protesters’ demands.
    • Thousands of demonstrators gathered for the second consecutive day at a bridge near Pakistan’s Karachi port for a sit-in to protest U.S. drone strikes.

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    • Q&A

    Can a podcast show us how to change our hearts and minds?

    In “Reckonings,” producer Stephanie Lepp explores how people change, asking listeners to examine their own assumptions about how far they can stretch their empathy.

    • Analysis

    Will the real Gene Sharp please step forward?

    July 16, 2019

    Recent criticisms calling the founder of nonviolent theory a Cold Warrior are way off the mark. To rightly evaluate him, we need to understand the role he chose for himself.

    • Feature

    Professors and students unite to oppose cuts to Lebanon’s only public university

    July 12, 2019

    A six-week strike by teachers has bolstered a movement against proposed austerity measures targeting Lebanon’s dangerously underfunded education system.