Tim DeChristopher’s sentencing delayed, but not solidarity protests

    My last post on climate activist Tim DeChristopher was about the growing support he’s received in the lead up to his scheduled June 23 sentencing for the crime of disrupting a fraudulent federal oil and gas auction. Apparently that support, which was formulating around a day of nationwide protest, became significant enough for the court to delay sentencing. The new date has not yet been released, but organizers with DeChristopher’s direct action group Peaceful Uprising say “the revolution will not be delayed.”

    Such delay tactics did not work before. Tim’s trial was rescheduled nine times over a period of two years–without explanation. They can do the same with the sentencing hearing, but those fighting for a just and healthy world know that we cannot wait.

    Staging large rallies without a sentence being handed down doesn’t make sense. So we have created a modified plan. Peaceful Uprising has prepared a simple action that anyone can take on June 23rd. All it takes is an email, a camera, and a quick trip to your local federal courthouse. Click here to take action in solidarity with Tim DeChristopher.

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