Experiments with truth: 7/5/11

      • 7000 Palestinian prisoners in all Israel’s prisons Sunday began a mass hunger strike for one day in protest of Israeli racist policies against them such as solitary confinement and intentional medical negligence.

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      • Analysis

      How to develop movement candidates and win rural governing power

      April 8, 2021

      In elections, we are facing setbacks locally and more broadly. A bold new experiment in West Virginia offers lessons for long-term success.

      • Obituary

      Remembering Rev. Richard Deats, a life-long peace movement leader and influential teacher of nonviolence

      and Rev. John Dear
      April 7, 2021

      A prolific writer and speaker, Rev. Deats strengthened grassroots movements by leading nonviolent action trainings in conflict zones around the world.

      • Feature

      Young Indigenous organizers are taking the fight against oil pipelines to Biden

      April 7, 2021

      With the Line 3 and Dakota Access pipelines threatening Indigenous land, youth from the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes ran 2,000 miles to deliver a powerful message to the new administration.