Experiments with truth: 10/12/11

    • Chicago police arrested 21 people protesting against economic inequality on Tuesday at two rallies. The arrests came a day after thousands of people including teachers, religious leaders and union workers marched in downtown Chicago to voice mounting anger over joblessness and economic woes in protests that snarled rush-hour traffic.
    • Approximately 100 protestors, affiliated with October2011  Stop the Machine, and some from the Occupy D.C. movement, showed up at the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday morning for a “flash mob” protest, chanting phrases like “End War Now” and “The People United Will Never Be Defeated” and “We Are the 99 Percent.” Six were arrested.
    • New strikes hit Greece on Tuesday as the government finalised talks with its EU-IMF creditors on additional spending cuts to secure payment of a bankruptcy-saving loan.
    • Workers for Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) state company “Railway RS” have been on strike for the last two days and are asking management to  fulfill their requirements for improving the collective agreement.

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