NYC event: Understanding the NSA leaks


So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about this guy Edward lately.

Edward Snowden? Yeah, sounds familiar. What was he trying to tell us? Many of the details of the NSA leaks keep getting lost because the media focuses on Snowden, not the revelations about the NSA. And what about all these terms that get thrown around? Metadata? PRISM? FISA? There’s a lot of technical vocabulary and government jargon that gets used in association with the surveillance state, but what do these terms mean? How does surveillance really work? What do the documents Snowden leaked really mean for you and me?

To find out, join us for a panel discussion in New York City to unpack the ongoing NSA revelations facilitated by Molly Knefel of Radio Dispatch and Nathan Sheard of the Mutant Legal Collective.

Nothing to Hide, So Much to Lose: Understanding the NSA Leaks
Thursday, August 22, 6:30 p.m. at Judson Memorial Church, New York City

Alfredo López, May First/People Link
Sarah Hogarth, Human rights strategist and advocate
Abi Hassen, National Lawyers Guild
Thomas Hintze and Rose Regina Lawrence of Mutant Legal

Suggested donation of $1-$20

Learn why we have #somuchtolose if we don’t fight for our rights and find out how you can protect your digital privacy.

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