Jen Waller and Thomas Hintze

Jen Waller is an activist and radical legal worker. She has been organizing with Occupy Wall Street and helping with legal support since last October. A founding member of the OWS Anti-Repression Committee, Jen does trainings for activists and helps to educate about histories of activism and political repression in the United States. She has also been involved with local organizing in New York City against racist policing and struggles against government repression, entrapment, and preemptive prosecution. Tom Hintze is an activist, writer and photographer from New York. He started working in the Occupy Wall Street Kitchen in Liberty Square in October, organizing horizontally with a small group of people to coordinate meals for between one and five thousand people daily. He has also been a part of the Direct Action Working Group at OWS, and has helped plan dozens of actions. He has written and edited for Tidal and Occupy Theory.