FOR’s coronavirus prayer petition

In this unique moment, FOR offers up the best alternative we know to encourage hope and solidarity: prayer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fear and panic as well as the tragic suffering and death occurring around our planet. At the same time it is revealing the good will efforts of countless people and organizations working to combat this invisible killer. At its core however, COVID-19 underscores more than ever that we are a world community that is profoundly connected across race, religion, gender, geography and nationality.

The paradox at the heart of this crisis is that we are asked to help one another by not congregating together. The need to come together, to reconcile with one another is fundamentally human but in this unique moment the Fellowship of Reconciliation offers up the best alternative we know to encourage hope and solidarity…prayer.

We invite you to reflect on the prayers below and to offer up your own by sending them to us at We will be updating our page with the prayers submitted. 

Rev. Jason Carson Wilson dedicates his prayer to theologian Theodore Jennings who died on March 25, 2020. Whose wisdom are you leaning on through this crisis? Offer a prayer in their name:
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#PrayerForAPandemic, from Carol Wiggims Bellm, Krug the Thinker

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