Coverage of Israeli attack on Free Gaza activists

    The above video shows some of the Free Gaza activists disembarking at Israel’s Ashdod Port after having been attacked and taken into custody 70 miles away in international waters. There is still very little definitive information coming out. The New York Times is reporting 10 deaths. But again, that number is not certain. Israel has control over the flow of information (given all 600-plus activists are locked up) and isn’t letting much out that doesn’t somehow justify its actions. For those looking to follow this breaking story with more attention given to the activist side, check out Free Gaza’s Twitter feed,, and The Guardian‘s live blog. There was also a compelling interview with Free Gaza boardmember Adam Shapiro on Democracy Now! earlier today. Finally, for a sense of the mainstream media coverage, check out this collage of various homepages. Is it any surprise which news source is openly defending Israel’s actions?

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