Tennis duo promote peace between India and Pakistan

    Over at Foreign Policy magazine, Stephen Walt wrote about an interesting development in the tennis world that relates to nonviolence. In the men’s doubles championship finals at the U.S. Open today, the number one ranked Bryan brothers faced an unlikely duo: Rohan Bopanna of India and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan. As Walt notes:

    Bopanna and Qureshi view their partnership as symbol of the possibility of improved relations between their two countries — among other things, they sometimes wear t-shirts reading “Stop War, Start Tennis” — and their success at this year’s tournament even got the two countries’ U.N. ambassadors to sit together at one of their recent matches.

    While the Bryan brothers prevailed in an extremely close match just minutes ago, in Bopanna and Qureshi I’ve found a team that I will be rooting for in the future.

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