Texting from Madison: doors stormed, a wall of police

    Quince Mountain in the Madison Capitol building.

    Waging Nonviolence correspondent Quince Mountain has been relaying news by text message from inside and out the occupied Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin, where protesters are fighting—among other things—Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union, pro-corporate budget proposals. See all of the dispatches in this series here.

    3:21 am

    I think the state troopers downstairs are playing soccer with an empty water bottle.

    Rev Billy was here tuesday and I missed it?

    I told u what the clerk said to my speeding ticket judge today right?

    (about me). “he can’t make it to court. He’s at the you-know-where”


    The lines between democracy and poor mental health are blurring with a quickness

    Light democratic snoring

    “ho-hum” said the deputy

    Less democratic snoring.

    Less democratic, that is. Not less snoring.

    Balloons, red heart helium up on the rotunda ceiling

    The other day when I was talking about plans and negotiations, the nyt woman said, “the drum circle? You mean theyre negotiating with the drum circle?”

    I don’t think she believed me.


    Deputy boots down marble treads. Checking out noise causes?

    Horn bleat, cheers, the bowling of a strike.

    Another trooper crosses my view so I ask him (10 ft away) what are the sounds? He says what? I say the noise. He says huh? He’s trying to be quiet for sleepers, respectful. I get up and ask him if his hat makes it hard to hear. He says sleep deprivation messes with hearing.

    Are there really snipers on the roof?

    I’m gonna go to sleep.


    Wow. That couple is really…coupled.

    Good morning.

    Cops comparing their vacation/sick packages.

    Clint left.

    Dentist appointment.

    People say they’ll be back after a day but, really??


    Staffer friend notes that the 14 exiled dem senators are “really in a pickle”

    Sort of like the people sitting in the rotunda drumming right now.

    Just what this revolution needs. Didjeridont.

    Not that I’ve heard the word revolution in a couple days.

    Maybe no ones saying it. Maybe my ears have habituated.

    Frozen custard sundaes for breakfast!!!!!


    I’m in press room hearing that even we will likely be evacuated by 4:30. That, why wouldn’t someone just pull the fire alarm? Heck, half of us in the press room were ready to just pull the fire alarm and end this mercifully for everyone.

    Everyone is in a bind. The 14 senators are stuck in Illinois. They went there with no end game, probably. The protestors inside the Cap didn’t expect things to go this way, but now feel like they should hold it down or find some strategic way to get out gracefully.

    I’m in the press room hearing things like: “are you going to make a citizens arrest of a state legislator?”

    And “In deposition, he stated that it would cost $7.5 million to remove adhesive from the Capitol marble.”

    The Wisconsin State Journal has a standing request for a “damage tour” so they can see -what- will cost 7.5 milion to clean up.

    If dem senators aren’t back by 430 they will apparently be taken into custody.

    the democrats took their furniture outside again.

    Word that tomorrow Cap will be WIDE OPEN at 8 am, and that people will have to be out by 6 at close of business.


    I mean, that MAKES SENSE.

    “Can we lock the door behind us?” someone says.


    11 minutes

    4 minutes to clear out

    People dancing
    Trying to be ecstatic
    Super tense though

    Deputy standing on balcony reading words to Sit Down.


    In meeting setting end date to occupation


    Doors stormed!

    Thousands of people!



    Chief tubbs offering peeps chance to leave

    Some leaving

    Wall of cops

    Guy with elk head

    A few staying


    26 now facing arrest. They are in a wall of police.

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