Walking for peace and nuclear abolition with the Kings Bay Plowshares

    Four years after breaking into the largest nuclear submarine base, members of the Kings Bay Plowshares continue to protest nuclear weapons.

    Campaign Nonviolence, a project of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, is working for a new culture of nonviolence by connecting the issues to end war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction. We organize The Nonviolent Cities Project and the annual Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions.

    Waging Nonviolence partners with other organizations and publishes their work.

      The light of soul force: remembering Veronica Pelicaric

      February 28, 2022

      Veronica Pelicaric brought deep wisdom, compassion and longing for a more nonviolent world to Pace e Bene as our training director and spiritual guide.

        Understanding the force of nonviolence

        February 22, 2022

        To understand nonviolence, we must first shed the cultural conditioning that has us view violence as the default.

          Courage is the key to becoming our best selves

          February 16, 2022

          As Maya Angelou once said, “Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.”

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            It’s time nuclear-armed states walk the walk on disarmament

            January 26, 2022

            With the Doomsday Clock still 100 seconds to midnight, the movement for nuclear abolition is more urgent than ever.

              The path towards authenticity

              January 21, 2022

              As it connects to the nonviolent journey, authenticity gives us a sense of peace and purpose, helping us understand what we need to do for the world with our lives.

                How nonviolent action is protecting the Earth

                January 18, 2022

                Nonviolence toward the Earth is neither a lofty dream nor a utopian vision. It is practical, necessary and our only choice.

                  Reframing this time of crisis as collective opportunity

                  January 12, 2022

                  In order to create lasting change, we need to look forward to a new way of thinking, one that includes collaboration and dialogue.

                    Desmond Tutu’s lifelong campaign of nonviolence

                    December 28, 2021

                    Archbishop Tutu’s death prompts grief, but also profound gratitude for his relentless journey toward justice and a new world.