Free ICNC webinar on digital activism this Thursday

This Thursday, our good friend Daryn Cambridge, who is the Director for Knowledge & Digital Strategies at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, and an adjunct professor at American University, will be giving a free webinar, called The Digital Duel: Resistance and Repression in an Online World. According to the announcement, he will explore:

…the emerging role of digital tools and new media in impacting the way people around the world struggle nonviolently for human rights, justice, and democratic self-rule.  In addition, he will look at how these communication technologies are also being used as tools of repression by the very governments and structures these movements oppose.  Looking at the evolution of communication and information sharing as a tool of resistance, Daryn will expand on contemporary struggles for rights waged with the help of online, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and technologies such as cellphones and digital cameras that advance the utility of these platforms.

The webinar will run from 12-1pm EDT. To reserve your place, click here. And if that time doesn’t work for you, ICNC will post the video of the presentation on their website afterward.