Help me spend Christmas in Kabul

    I have some very exciting news to share. Next Thursday, I will be traveling to Afghanistan with a small delegation from Voices for Creative Nonviolence, which will include Kathy Kelly, Ret. Col. Ann Wright and Veterans for Peace president Mike Ferner, among several other wonderful people.  I will be returning to the US on December 30, spending my first Christmas away from home in Kabul.

    The purpose of our trip will be to witness first hand what is happening at the other end of our foreign policy, to hear directly from the Afghan people how they are being affected by the war and occupation, and to share their stories when we return through our writing and public speaking. I intend,when possible, to blog for WNV while I am there.

    While our itinerary is still coming together, we already have plans to meet with Afghan civilians and politicians, humanitarian workers, and an amazing group of youth peacemakers in Bamiyan that we’ve covered on our site here. In addition, we plan to visit a hospital in Kabul and a camp for the internally displaced to talk to those who have been injured during the conflict or who have fled their homes due to the violence.

    A good friend has already contributed enough to cover the cost of my flight to and from Kabul, and I’ve received several other donations over the last few days. That said, I still  need to raise about $2000 to cover accommodations, food, travel and other expenses during my three weeks in Afghanistan. It is important that we will not be a burden on our hosts in this country whose infrastructure and economy has been so devastated by decades of war. If at all possible, please consider helping with a donation.

    I will also be looking for opportunities to speak to whoever will listen upon our return, so if your church, school or any other group would be interested in hearing about the trip, please let me know. They might consider sending a contribution now as an “advance” on a speaking honorarium.

    I’ve never gone on a trip like this before. Despite being nervous and a little scared about putting myself in harm’s way, I feel that this is something I must do. I have long believed it is essential that people working for peace experience the ugly reality of war themselves and bring back the personal stories of its victims, which the American public is almost never exposed to by the government and mainstream media.

    Your donation would mean the world to me and would go a long way to easing the burden of this trip. And whether or not you can contribute financially, please keep the entire delegation in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for your support!

    Donations can be made by credit card at my PayPal account:

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