What’s more likely to inspire climate action, celebrity endorsements or personal commitments?

    According to a report by the organizers of the upcoming new UK event Climate Week, there are a lot of celebrities who could inspire real action by lending their voice to the movement. The report, which focused on British celebrities, found that David Beckham has nearly as much clout as green-oriented public figures like Al Gore and Bill Gates. As the Guardian explained:

    Climate Week says the survey highlights a strong correlation between familiarity and green influence, showing that celebrities who are not actively “green”, such as Beckham, “still have tremendous potential to wade in on environmental issues”. It says this is why the X Factor judge Cheryl Cole beat “known environmentalist” Gwyneth Paltrow to be the woman most likely to make people act on climate change.

    So does this mean the climate movement needs celebrities to promote its message? Is that what saving the planet has come down to—whether or not reality-show stars support climate action? Thankfully, Climate Week commissioned another survey, investigating the impact of people we interact with on a daily basis. It found:

    This seems to be good news for us activists. First off, it means our work is more important than a celebrity endorsement. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it means we should look to the changes within our communities and circles of friends and families when we feel like the world isn’t listening. We are likely to find encouragement there.

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