Free ICNC webinar on the Egyptian uprising this Thursday

This Thursday, Sherif Mansour, the Senior Program Officer for Freedom House’s Middle East North Africa programs, will be giving what looks to be a very interesting and informative webinar, hosted by the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), on the nonviolent uprising that brought down Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak last week. According to the announcement:

The Egyptian nonviolent uprising was a surprise for many. The world’s attention was primarily focused on the last two weeks. But the struggle for overthrowing Mubarak started over seven years before. Major transformations inside the pro-democracy movement from online activism to street organization mainly happened over the past three years. The breakthrough only happened in the past six months. This webinar will examine some of the major turning points, the organizational tactics that were employed by Egyptian activists, and show some of the early and recent manifestations of these tactics on the ground. The webinar will also highlight important logistical and moral support for the demonstrators during the uprising, and highlight some of the lessons learned and some of the critical points which can be utilized by other nonviolent struggles in the Middle East.

The webinar will run from 12-1pm EST. To reserve your place, click here. And if that time doesn’t work for you, ICNC will post the video of the presentation on their website afterward.