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How Chileans went from jumping subway turnstiles to rewriting the Constitution

While most Chileans want deep systemic change, the vote to create a new constitution is a historic moment in the struggle to undo the legacy of Pinochet’s dictatorship.


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Remembering Rev. Richard Deats, a life-long peace movement leader and influential teacher of nonviolence

A prolific writer and speaker, Rev. Deats strengthened grassroots movements by leading nonviolent action trainings in conflict zones around the world.

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Young Indigenous organizers are taking the fight against oil pipelines to Biden

April 7, 2021

With the Line 3 and Dakota Access pipelines threatening Indigenous land, youth from the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes ran 2,000 miles to deliver a powerful message to the new administration.

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How persistent student organizing forced one of the largest public universities to divest from fossil fuels

April 6, 2021

Over eight years, University of Michigan students led bold direct actions, continually recruited new students and forged ties with regents to keep $1 billion from the fossil fuel industry.