New York artist creates horse-drawn Hummer

    As a tribute to the “Hoover Carts” of the Great Depression, New York artist Jeremy Dean has created a horse-drawn Hummer cart for display in Central Park. He explained his motivation in a recent interview with the Daily Mail of London:

    ‘I came up with the idea during the global economic meltdown,’ Mr Dean said.

    ‘I thought these hummers are the pinnacle of consumerism and a powerful status symbol, so what will happen when they are no longer sustainable?’

    Dean’s answer may be more provocative than realistic, but it’s certainly something to think about as the Hummer becomes ever more obsolete. Excessive (and worthless) luxury can always be put to good use. Maybe we can think of a better function than horse-drawn carriage since, personally, I’d rather see people make use of pedicabs than put a poor animal to work.

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