And the Waging Nonviolence Award goes to…

    Last week, Eric and I presented the first-ever Waging Nonviolence Award at the Plural + Youth Video Festival to Aliens vs Predators, which dramatizes the struggle faced by undocumented high school students in America—from being shut out of higher education to becoming targets of military recruitment.

    Aside from the pointedly hilarious title, we were impressed by the ability of these young videomakers—who were students at Manhattan’s Julia Richman Education Complex—to not only raise an issue that is tragically overlooked in this country but also speak out against violence in favor of education.

    Also deserving of recognition is the youth media advocacy group Global Action Project, which assisted the students in the production of the video. Please show your support for the video and its message of awareness by sharing it with your networks.

    Here are some pictures from the event:

    Eric Stoner presenting the Waging Nonviolence Award

    MC George Martinez (middle) accepting on behalf of Asmaou Diallo and Global Action Project

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