Boycott Egyptian tourism until Mubarak steps down

    Our friends at Nonviolence International have just launched a boycott in support of the mass nonviolent uprising in Egypt that we should all sign on to. Here are the details:

    We call on you to show your support for the Egyptian people by participating in a full boycott of tourism in Egypt until President Mubarak resigns.  This boycott is paired with a pledge to visit Egypt and revitalize the tourism industry once President Mubarak resigns.  Be a part of this campaign to prove that a free, democratic Egypt will enjoy prosperity far beyond the unkept promises made by President Mubarak.

    With tourism making up about 11 percent of Egypt’s gross domestic product, a widespread international boycott on travel to country has the potential to be very effective in adding pressure to the regime to step down.

    And once Mubarak’s reign comes to an end, in addition to the pyramids tourists will flock to Egypt to visit Tahrir Square!

    To sign the petition, click here.

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