Protest corporate tax dodgers this Saturday

    US Uncut, the UK-inspired campaign to get the richest corporations to pay their taxes, is holding another national day of action this Saturday. Activists around the country will be organizing their own coordinated actions, primarily directed against Bank of America, as well as Verizon and FedEx. The protests come as essential social services are being cut, unemployment remains high, and corporate profits are soaring. Says the US Uncut press release:

    “Big corporations in our country dodge up to $100 billion every year,” said US Uncut Seattle organizer and self-described populist Laurie Dunivant-Larsen, “If they paid their taxes this year like the rest of us do, we could also stop the $100 billion in cuts to college loans. With all these tropical tax havens, US corporations make profits in America but barely pay any taxes here. That’s cheating – it’s immoral and un-American.”

    Find the action nearest you on the US Uncut action list. At this writing, there are 41 planned protests. The US Uncut Facebook page now has more than 15,800 likes, up from around 8,000 when we wrote about them a month ago. Momentum is building.

    H/t The Other 98%.

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