Waging Nonviolence at the Left Forum

    For those of you in New York, I will be speaking on a panel with Mathis Chiroux from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Pardiss Kebriaei from the Center for Constitutional Rights this Sunday at the Left Forum. I plan to talk primarily about my trip in December to Afghanistan and how the situation there has only devolved since Obama came to power.

    Here is the official description of the panel, which will run from 10-11:50am in room E324 at Pace University:

    From the Bush Regime’s “War on Terror” to “Obama’s Contingency Operation” – Why We Resist

    An examination of how the Obama administration is, in some ways, worse than the Bush regime in prosecuting secret wars in Pakistan and Yemen with the use of secret ops and unmanned drone attacks; night raids in Afghanistan; continuing involvement of troops, contractors and the largest embassy in the world in Iraq; the development of list of targets for extra-judicial killing by the CIA; the continuation of renditions to third countries, denial of habeas rights for detainees in Bagram; and revelations of the US military policy of fostering human rights abuse of prisoners by puppet armies.
    If you can make it, definitely track me down. Hope to see you there!

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