WNV campaign to reshelve Bush’s memoir taking off

Here is that clip of Jasmine Faustino talking about the campaign that she launched on our site to move George W. Bush’s new book to its rightful place in bookstores on RT (Russia’s 24/7 English-language news channel) last night!

We also had an article about the action in the Guardian this morning and Jasmine was just interviewed on the BBC’s World Have Your Say radio program. Listen here:


Word is also spreading around Twitter, thanks in part to Michael Moore and many others, who are now promoting the effort.

While hundreds have already signed up to take part in this fun protest, we need many more people to participate and more pics of the book after it has been correctly reshelved. Please respond to the invite, take part in the action, post a picture to the Wall of our Facebook event page as soon as possible, and spread the word!

UPDATE 11/10:

We got a mention in the headlines today over at Democracy Now! Jump to the 7:00 minute mark to see: